Questions and Answers

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No, it’s fine to call anytime. Sara, Mia or Daniel will answer the phone. However, when we are in treatment, we have not the phone with us except for very urgent calls. The best way to get quick contact, sending a text message or an e-mail so we can contact directly, as soon as we can.

In the treatments are no machines used. We use needles and our senses like hands, sight, smell, hearing, etc. We may use the webtherapist to help you online.

Above all, a treatment based on TCM, ie, acupuncture and herbs. These two methods are supplemented mainly with chiropractic. Massage and stretching are two other tools that can be used to enhance the treatment.

No absolutely not. This requires veternärlicens. Injections are performed by unlicensed illegal for both the performer the therapist as a horse owner. Always contact your veterinarian if you need that kind of treatment.

When you hire us, you should know in advance what the cost is. The map under costs shows how much it is if you live in south half of sweden. These prices include VAT and mileage.At least two insurers (If and Folksam) have insurance supplement that takes a portion of the cost of veterinarian will refer.

Usually not. The risk of malpractice leading to unwanted effects is very small. In the hands of the ignorant, the above therapies to be very risky for the patient but performed by a trained therapist, it is very unusual. Professional title ‘Equiterapeut’ is a guarantee for at least two years of full-time training in complementary therapies on the horse. Always ask what education your therapist has.

Yes. The Association has educational requirements on their members. We are liability insured by the association. There are also those who convenes disciplinary committee if necessary. The latter consists of experts from the Association, and independent veterinary expert . The union called Swedish Equiterapeutförbundet and also animalacupunctureorganisation.

We offer a similar education with goal to educate top therapists.