Dorntherapy is a manual method to treat joint pain, movement restrictions, muscle problems and also problems in the internal organs.
It is a softer method than chiropractic because the therapist work with the patient in movement and by active communication with the patient. Thus, the perceived form of treatment is much softer.
Dorntherapy comes from Germany, where a doctor, Dieter Dorn, developed an alternative method to chiropractic. It is a relatively new method, holistic  and have very little risk of causing damage.

We have dorntherpy a step further and developed the teqnique for animals.
This form of therapy is a safer version of the manual medicine because it has far fewer contraindications. Ie state not to treat.

The goal of dorntherapy is to restore a normal balance in the body.
Spinal nerves, the nerves in the spine is affected by the physical problems of the spine, they in turn affects and is affected by the internal organs. This thinking is close to the Chinese medicine, and for us it will be an obvious connection when you look at the symptoms and the treatment method is a fantastic complement to our treatments.
On the human side, we use dornterapi and AMT, advanced manual therapy. Mia is being trained in the orthopedic medical institute in Gothenburg. The teachers there are chiropractors and osteopaths.