Want to be a really good therapist?
In September we start our training where we will make you one of the best therapists for horses.
The program includes a thorough training in anatomy and physiology and etiology.
You then get trained in TCM acupuncture and manual therapy in order to restore free movement in the joints like osteopath/chiropractor/dornterapeut work. You will touch at the surface of herbal medicine with the opportunity to immerse yourself more.
You will also get a great insight into how other professionals in the equine sector work. We want to give you an understanding of all disciplines and the opportunity for future collaborations. Everything for the horse and the equipages best.

Study Alternative Health Works Elite Education
Education is a three-day seminar per month (11 months) for three years. The seminars are Friday to Sunday mostly in Mölndal, Gothenburg, Sweden. One evening per seminar is mandatory. We then eat out, and it is included in the course fee. Accommodation is not included. The program comprises 4200 study hours for 3 years. There are 1089 study hours in class and the rest are run as independent study. The homstudies consists also of  webinars and mentor forum and practical training.
The training includes veterinary basic medicine, manual medicine and acupuncture.

We want you who train with us to be eager to be a good therapist. Therefore, there is the admission by interview.
You can register for training by the form or via e-mail. Last date to request interviw is 31st of May 2016
Once we receive your application we will contact you by phone for a short conversation.
Then you pay a registration fee of 2498 SEK and we’ll contact you again for a longer interview.
If you do not get accepted registration fee is refunded. If you get accepted we will sign an agreement that states you commit to pay the cost for the education on a monthly basis for 36 months from 1/9-16. We commit to follow through with the education. If to few students, startdate will be set to a later date.
We only take a limited number of students. We prefer a wide geographic spread among students. Early reports have preference.

Knowledge before
We want you to have finishd school.
You should have good knowledge of English, since much of the study literature is in English.
You should have good experience with horses.

The training costs 5897 Sek per month for 36 months.
The registration fee is 2498 Sek and the examination fee is 2498 Sek.
Prices are inclusive of VAT.
Cost of textbooks to be added.

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    Education plan

    Anatomy and physiology
    The course includes the study of tissues, organs and organ systems, bones, muscles, joints and nerves.

    The course includes basic pathology of the horse’s most common diseases.

    The course includes basic knowledge of the horse feeding and nutritional needs.

    The course includes basic knowledge of horse behavior. Both against other horses and against the people.

    Manual medicine
    The course includes thorough understanding as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of the body’s symmetry and mobility.

    The course includes thorough understanding as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of the Chinese medicine and acupuncture in particular.

    The course includes basic knowledge of herbal medicine.

    Own and other professions
    The course includes knowledge of how to work as a therapist regarding, for example, record-keeping and confidentiality as well as other professions and professionals in the equine industry.

    Our intention is to create talented colleagues. We want our students to succeed. We will therefore be mentors after graduation. We will also provide continued coaching and business education.

    The grades in the courses are:
    Well done
    Not approved
    When course is completed with Approved or Well done you will get a diploma and may call your self Hästpraktiker.


    Year 1
    Basic medicine
    Practical exercises
    Manual therapies Basic

    Year 2
    TCM – acupuncture and herbal theory
    Practical exercises
    Manual therapies
    Other occupations

    Year 3
    TCM – acupuncture and herbal theory
    Manual therapies
    Practical exercises
    Other Occupations

    Dates for first year’s seminars:

    16-18 September (w 37)
    14-16 October (w 41)
    18-20 November (w 46)
    16-18 December (w 50)

    13-15 January (w 2)
    10-12 February (w 6)
    17-19 March (w 11)
    7-9 April (w 14)
    12-14 May (w 19)
    9-11 June(w 23)
    18-20 August (w 33)