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Alexandra Westermark
Many Thanks Mia for treatments on my horse in the spring. I am very impressed by how you / you are working and the results generated.

Sofia Fia Borander‎ 
Yeeey today after a whole winter’s use of Meta shettisstoets edema of the eyes and the udder reduced to almost zero . Soooo happy and spirited pony again. Tack

Anne Grethe Johansson‎
Hej !
Thank you, Mia! Now feel Trinity Daybreak super again. There was a significantly relieved and happy horse (immediately!) After treatment

Jessica Mercedes Monasdotter‎ 
I have given Md DryUp and MD Kibda two to my two mares , of which one has been extreme dissolve in the stomach for a very long time , have tried both the one on the second according to the rules but has not been deployed on the stomach / intestinal tract . Is in the third month now and I rejoice , took about 6/7 v before I started to see results, these I will forever be in my neighborhood  so many thanks Mia Kleen on Daniel Kleen

Gillian Helene Wijk‎ 
Hellu! Would just update a little! After the last treatment, Norton aspigg and happy! Red today and like well, he has not felt in years ! Daniel Great work!