All texts on herbs and their possible impact on living bodies are for information purposes only. They are not intended to guide someone to replace veterinary care. However, one can complement the other treatments with herbs. We take no responsibility for the practical use of the data.
Never hesitate before taking professional help at the slightest doubt.

Herbs can contain substances that are not allowed in the competition. It is rare but do occur. Few of these is moving on doping tests, but if you give herbs to disguise the symptoms or improve the performance, it is considered to be unauthorized medication and then have a withdrawal period of 14 days.
According to the competition organizations veterinarians so 96 hours should be sufficient waiting period in cases of doubt.

Some claims of functions in the body may be different from the current perception. This is because the data are taken from oriental theory of how the body works. This philosophy is based on thousands of years of observations of both humans and animals, their interaction with nature and the interaction inside the body.